New From SoCal Custom minifigures

SoCal is going to release his newest collection this year.

It’s Captain batman and Spiderman UK.

It is from original from comic book version

Here is the sneak preview.

batman captain spiderman uk


  • Michael Tan says:

    Hi Just4CustomMinifigs,

    I would like to get some minifigures from you but I live in Singapore and i am unable to complete my checkout. As it is mentioned that Singapore is not designated.

    Please let me know how i can purchase them. BTW, is your stall based in India as the currency is in Rupees.

    Appreciate your help.

    • admin says:

      hi michael tan,
      My apologize for this inconvinience, i’ll fixed it later, i’ll will process your order manually if you want it.
      What kind of product that you are interest?
      Please let me know, you can contact me directly to my email. It’s on
      Please let me know all your order, and i’ll will process it as soon as i can.
      And you can pay me using paypall if you want to. My paypall address is the same with my email address.
      Thank you Michael
      Sincerely Yudi

    • admin says:

      hi michael,
      do you want the to order or not?

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